Structurisator of spirit and vitalize structured vodka! Prolonged your life!
Vital Structured Vodka

Структурированная полезная водка  Структурована корисна горілка 

Vital Structured Vodka



Newest invention!

Structurisator of spirit

for creating of vitalize

structural vodka!

Структурированная водка - это Ваш шанс!

Structurisator of spirit allow to produce the vitalized structured vodka. Structurisator of spirit in the special appearance organizes a molecules of water and spirit in relation to each other so, that vodka becomes helpful, structured. Principle of work of structurisator of spirit is inimitable and is used only in our patented solutions. Models of structurisator of spirit are in the same way unique also.

All knows that vodka is a harmful product. That vodka destroyed families, vodka poison the body and shorting the life, vodka is a cause of cancer, and a result of the vodka is a degenerative childrens. The harmful from vodka is a real harmful.

But! Vodka may be a HELPFUL!

And all that you needed is

The structurisator of the spirit

Contact us now - and give new expierence and presents!

We have been created unique developments which allows to createthe structurisator of spirit and the vitalize structured vodka. To create the spirit structurisator we using state defensive and space technologies.

A construction of the spirit structurisator based on the prolonged researches of structure of water and spirit (more than 25 years). Numerous patents, reviews and copyright certificates are got on the structurisator of spirit in the Russia and aboard. Structurisator of spirit is certificated by the international organisations that sertificated a stucturisators, vitalisators and revivers of mediums.

Структуризатор спирта укрепит Вашу семью!

As show the researches, the structured vodka is much better than a usual vodka. It differs number of properties which stipulate its specificity: first of all it is informational properties and memory of the structured vodka. So, clinical tests of the structured vodka on experimental mice and volunteers, have shown that the structured vodka considerably increases a liver life expectancy. In other words, the liver is damaged by a cirrhosis from the structured vodka longer than from the usual vodka. Except this positive result there is still a set of other, not less important properties of the structured vodka, allowing to make you more healthier than average alcoholic.

Структурированная водка улучшила жизнь многих детей!

Besides personal application, structurisator of spirit (SS) allows to create business. Think only, how many people do not buy to themselves the structurisator of spirit and therefore, are exposed to complete negative effect of usual vodka on an organism! And only also it is necessary that to instal the specially developed our engineers spirtomats ™ in key places of the greatest agglomerate of unsuccessful levels of population for this purposes.

If you have decided to use of the structurisator of spirit in a life we bring to your attention numerous recipes with which help you receive vitalize structured vodka with various properties and various usages.

Use the structurisator of spirit (SS) at home and in business! Receive vital structured vodka (St.Vodko) and live longer the usual alcoholic!

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Using the vitalize structural alcohol kill you more slowly