Structurisator of spirit and vitalize structured vodka! Prolonged your life!
Vital Structured Vodka

Структурированная полезная водка  Структурована корисна горілка 

Vital Structured Vodka



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Множество менеджеров и консультантов ожидают ваших заказов, вопросов, пожеланий и предложений!

You can write us the letter on an e-mail address Наш электронный адрес to order the spirit structurisator or bottled structured vodka.

Try to give as much as possible information on you and your wishes that the order has been issued in the shortest periods.

If you have any questions, wishes or sentences you also can state them with by means of the e-mail address Наш электронный адрес

All orders, questions, sentences and wishes are accepted and handled round the clock. As, despite staff of the qualified managers and advisers, owing to huge demand, we not always have time to respond there and then, please do not worry. The answer will be so fast as it is possible.

The forum is now developed where you can ask questions in a online mode.

The important note: payment for spirit structurisators and for parties the bottled structured vodka, for renewal vitalize matrix and similar services is accepted exclusively cash. We do not take any non-cash, transfers and Internet money.

Remember that dealers of MLM that sale the spirit structurisators are obliged to give the certificate of the dealer with a name, a surname and a serial number, and as certificates on production with a confidential code (which should coincide with a code on unit of the equipment) under the first requirement.

For check of serial numbers of dealers and confidential codes the spirit structurisators send data on an e-mail address

Электронный адрес для подтверждения данных

Мы проверим данные по нашей базе и дадим ответ, есть ли у нас такой дилер или такая продукция; или же Вас пытаются обмануть.

We will check up this data on our base and we will answer, whether there is for us such dealer or such production or you try to deceive.

Our motto is the real goods for real money!

Наши менеджеры и консультанты работают круглосуточно - для того, чтобы помочь вам!

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This site is a joke. This site is the ANTIALCOHOLIC PROJECT. But remember that in each joke is a part of joke :)


Using the vitalize structural alcohol kill you more slowly